La vida

"La vida no se mide por los momentos en que respiras,
sino que por los momentos que te dejan sin aliento"

lunes, febrero 16, 2009

I don´t know a Name

I must write this, because if I don´t do that, I would´t be honest with myself.
I miss you in some ways, and sometimes I just wish hate you, but it´s impossible for me,
you were, and you still are special for me and you form part important in this life
and get out of it, isn´t easy and it isn´t easy to forget.

Sometimes I can´t say I don´t love you, because I had so intruduced it in my head
that I can´t leave to think it. Yes, I don´t and I can´t feel it anymore even if I thought it will forever.

I must recognize that take away from my heart was quick, but you´ll always have a piece of him. In this time I don´t think in you like a lover, I think on you like a friend,
a friend very diferent of the others, because you always believed in me, trust in me,
stay with me and hear me even when I wasn´t the same person.
I miss your advise, in them don´t had bad intencition because your way of think was diferent, I miss your goodness, your friendship and that you held me when I´m not okay.
I miss when I felt so lonely and you always be there for me, I could call you and you always calmed my sorrow, sometimes I feel in this way
and I don´t have anybody to talk like I spoke with you.
It´s true too that I miss ours convertation about the inmortality of the crab
and feel more than say. That things are that I miss more than anything, I can have a doubt,

I know that you are my past ( although you´ll always be in my heart because I can´t forget all the new thing that I learnt and live with you. You are special in one form and nobody can take your place ) and somedoby will be my future,
I think, sound bad say this things?I don´t know, but must be like this.
May be for all this thing is so complicated leave you away, recognize this is a big step to overcome and forget this stage of my life.
I would like told you this things, that you form part of my life and always be there,
that you to know the only want for you are only good things and this break was very hard for me, may be less than for you but hard.

I only want that you´ll be happy and don´t think bad things, because all happen but a good reason (this always I said you) you only can think that you can do anything (I belive in you... I always did), you show me that, and in that way all your dreams be come true, even if it hurt.
Good bye

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